I help women entrepreneurs explore who they are on the inside,


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I’m Laura. It’s nice to meet you.

I have over 30 years experience as a Celebrity Makeup Artist, Soul Therapist and Innovative Business Coach. I am also an Online Course Creator whose dedicated to helping women bring their dreams to life.

My business and life-enriching tools, coaching and programs guide you on how to attract your wildest dreams as you reinvent your image and life.


This awesome (and free) interactive training is a creative and enlightening process that helps you to transition from where you are now, to where you want to be – before hitting the ground running. It’ll give you a before and after snapshot of your future, while you discover why you are subconsciously making certain decisions. As clarity sets in, you see what’s in your blindspot and the actions you need to take as  your new path becomes illuminated.

Business and Life Coaching

Are you looking to save time, energy and maintain mental clarity and momentum? If so, prepare yourself for an approach to coaching that you won’t find anywhere else. Our coaching sessions and group plans integrate a metaphysical approach mixed in with business and marketing skills, holistic healing, wellness and techniques that’ll get you beyond your sticking points quickly. Get ready for big  breakthroughs that give you clarity and get you into action, with a fresh new perspective that enriches every area of life. You’ll see what’s possible and how everything is connected.  Prepare for magic!

Online Courses

I’ve created 4 courses that guide you through a total reinvention process. You’ll create a Hollywood success story based on your true calling and passion, explore the mindset behind the role you want to take on, create different looks that are a fit for your new persona and then you’ll bring your dream to life in a powerful and impactful way.

My Podcast

The Wildfire Entrepreneur Podcast by Laura Schakosky is one of the best ways to access my most valuable free content while you’re driving, working out, or enjoying your morning cup of tea. Just hit the play button to get motivated, inspired and enlightened by conversations around beauty, holistic healing, business growth and personal development. Click here to ask questions on our podcast or to listen and subscribe.

Wildfire Entrepreneurs Community

A Wildfire Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group is a group for creatives and entrepreneurs to gather together to have breakthroughs in their business and mindset. It’s a great place to share with like minded peers, get inspired and take what you learn out into the world. Our Wildfire Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group meets every month online and in person once a year.

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