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I’m Laura. It’s nice to meet you.

I’m an entreprenuer and own several businesses. My specialities are in business development, marketing, product design and creating a persona in the media.
On this site, you’ll get all of the support you need to climb the ladder of success. There are Online Mastery Courses, my Online Community, a Mastermind Group and Coaching sessions that are available.

I  teach the art of transformation using alchemy and the power of storytelling to help you capture the essence of the human spirit and have it be expressed in the world.


In this awesome (and free) audio training you’ll learn how to attract and manifest the business and lifestyle you desire. Take the lid off and step powerfully into the next chapter of your life.

I’m writing a book

on legendary Pro Makeup Artists in the Hollywood scene  and their climb to success. You are invited to participate in the creation of  the book.

My Podcast

My podcast is one of the best ways to access my most valuable free content while you’re driving, working out, or enjoying your morning cup of tea. Just hit the play button to get motivated, inspired and enlightened by beauty, film, fashion, tv and entertainment pros, as they share their success secrets.

Online Courses

I have created a four level mastery course that takes you through each of the  major stages of your career. You’ll  not only work with celebrities, you’ll live the lifestyle of one too.

A Gathering of Power Mastermind Group

A Gathering of Power Mastermind Group is a group for creatives and entrepreneurs to gather together to have breakthroughs in their business and mindset. It’s a great place to share with like minded peers, get inspired and take what you learn out into the world.
Our Gathering of Power Mastermind Group meets every month online and in person once a year.
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