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I’ve been an serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. I’m a celebrity makeup artist who has traveled all over the world doing makeup. I have worked with film stars, super models, rockstars, the president of the United States and I did makeup for the Olympics.
At one point, I said I wanted to become famous for creating a look and what showed up was becoming known for doing makeup on the character of Mimi on the Drew Carey Show. Moral to the story, be careful of what you ask for because you just might get it and when your dream shows up, most likely it will make you laugh.

Five years into my career, I questioned what made successful people tick and made them stand out more than the average Joe but what I really wanted to know to was more about leadership skills. I have always been a experiential learner so I became a makeup artist and what better role to have to have one on one conversations with some of the most powerful people in a chair two inches away from me with quality time to ask have my own personal interview with them, asking them any questions I wanted to know, while I did their makeup.

The calling to meet leaders was so strong, that in 1993, that I decided to move out to California, which was where I felt like all of the big stuff was happening. I wanted to become a trendsetter and work with famous people. Three years into being in LA, I’d planted alot of seeds and as a result it caused everything to open up and I became very successful.
With bigger jobs, demanding clients and working long hours, I felt drained. I shifted my focus to discovering ways I could refuel myself and a search to finding a deeper meaning and purpose in my life. This quest lead me on a spiritual path where I learned about ancient beauty philosophies and energy balancing tools that inspired growth and awareness. Through that process, transformed how I saw myself and I shifted my approach to my work.  Just when I thought I had made it big working on multiple tv shows, my career blew up even bigger to take on international clients.

By 2000, I moved back to my home town of Dallas to share everything I had learned in Hollywood with the world. As a result, today I coach women entrepreneurs in my online courses on on ways to have an understanding of the driving force behind their dreams and help them to bring out an authentic expression of beauty, in their business and life. I share ways to balance energy, attracting success, leadership training and using makeup as an authentic way to present to the world the power of what’s inside. Looking back in Hollywood I discovered the answered my original question of what makes successful people tick. The answer was that to be successful, you have to match who you are on the inside the a powerful expression on the outside – that means in beauty, image and in life.
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