What happens when you combine together media professionals and the online world? Pure magic.

Anytime I have learned something really powerful, it’s always been over time with a group that I really connect with. As a entrepreneur, it can feel like you are on your own until you find your tribe and that is when you feel the most supported. You are with people who can identify with what you are going through, it’s a safe space to let down your guard, to open up and really share challenges and successes with people who have your back.

This group was created so that everyone sees each other bigger than life and reminds each other when we forget. Being a part of this group is a source of power, influence and inspiration. Something magical happens when each person starts to share their personal transformations and the growth that they are having. As you gain more tools and hear other peoples stories, you realize that we are all going through the same things at the same time and everything’s connected. When our hearts are open and we share what we are experiencing, it ignites something powerful within us as well as the group, something that we can then take and apply in our business and our life.

As a mastermind group, our intent is to learn, grow and evolve at an escalated level. For us, the plan is to share a tool, listen to what is opening up and apply what’s learned and come back and share breakthroughs.  This is why the mastermind group meets once a month, so we have the time to implement what we have learned powerfully.




Our Mastermind group happens all online.  This gives you the ability to connect with the world all in one place and helps maintain momentum. If you miss a session, we will have a replay of it, but it’s way more powerful to join in on the conversation and be involved.


The group happens on the Saturday closest to the full moon of each month.


97.00 per month or 999.99 per year. If you pay for the full year upfront you’ll have a 200.00 savings.

Enjoy learning new tools from myself, guest speakers and take advantage of discounted opportunities and special workshops.



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